Hoooo boy it’s time for another Sketch Sunday! Let’s see what five we got here, some old, some new, and I managed to fix the lighting that was seen with the others. Hint: It’s got to do with my habit of staying up too late.


First up we have a very loving group of sisters with Maria, Gwen, and Josephine posing for the gram. Maria, of course, loves her sisters* and especially loves showing them off to everyone online.

Next in line is little Whitney playing with some MLP dolls like she did when she wa a kid. If we’re going by which Gen MLP she’s playing with, it would be about Gen 3, though it’s clear she’s toooo old to be playing with them. That didn’t stop many grown up dudes around 2010, though.

In the hole is Gwen on a hike, which I drew while on a hike. COINCIDENCE? It’s nice to know she likes climbing hills, or else the hill she lives on would be torture for her.

Fourth place participation trophy goes to Maria yelling at Gwen for having gone to Hot Topic. You can see this by the Load shirt Gwen’s wearing, and Maria incessently screaming “YOU WENT TO THE DEVIL STORE!” You have to keep in mind that Hot Topic was a vastly different place 10 years ago, back when the store actually looked like it was possessed by demons and cute fuzzy creatures called Happy Tree Friends. *shutter* Good times?

And last up, we have the Whitney edition of the baseball sketch set I made! Little known fact: Whitney is from Minneapolis, and so is her mom, Erin. Thus, they represent their hometeam together while Will, born in San Tiburon where the story takes place, is relegated to rooting for the A’s.

That’s it for this week’s sketches, time to go back to trying to figure out how time works and finish my composition. See you Thursday with the page!