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Ahhh, what do we have here? First off, the first 6 images are all different outfits I decided to give to Gwen, Whitney, and Fiona for the next issue. Sure, it’s not going to happen for at least 6 weeks, but hey, we all have to brew our ideas somewhere.

Gwen’s outfits are a practice in modesty, which is torture in September in California, especially this year. I’ve been expecting it to cool down for the past few weeks and so far it’s been pretty futile. Then we get to her last outfit, which is probably the most summer outfit Gwen could wear. Sorry for the eraser marks by the way.

Next up is Whitney, who is more modest by choice. The reason? Oh, it’s simple. SPOILERS REDACTED. Anyway, that’s why she feels weird about her birthmark on her legs, no doubt taken by an unoriginal 24-year-old ADHD Manlad, according to Fiona.

Speaking of whom, Fiona! As you can probably tell, Fiona loves wearing skirts and dresses. It’s been a thing since I first started the series and came up with these character. I mainly wanted Fiona to be wearing a kilt/skirt all the time, thus her constant wearing of the tartan. Though recently, I’ve been finding it more and more fun to give her dresses and have her express herself a bit more femininely, I guess. Also, I gave her “trousers” in the third image to show that they make her feel, well, stiff.

NExt up is a random outfit I made for Whitney, who is sporting some ska-like attire. I don’t know why, but suspenders feel incredibly ska to me. Thus, the bowtie, suspenders combo.

And lastly, a picture I should have labeled better, is fanart of Hilda and the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I just felt like drawing the cutest adventurer in a set of Iron Armor, though I honestly see her as more of a light armor girl or even mage girl myself. Maybe I should draw David and Frida as a Breton archer and Redguard Shield warrior myself….

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