Hey everyone, Grant here. As Chapter 3 comes to a close, I wanted to mention a few changes that will be happening to the Engirls in the coming months as we look on at Chapter 4.

For one, I will be taking a hiatus for the rest of November. I know it’s normal for a hiatus between chapters for me, but this time I have some actual things I need to deal with, namely health stuff. Don’t worry, I’m not dying or diabetic (I hope), but I will be unable to really focus on my comic the way I was able to in the past. That, and the fact that Black Friday and December are coming up really put my free time in jeopardy. I’d love to keep working through that but since I work in retail, it’ll be hard to keep my already subpar energy up.

Another thing that will change is that I am upgrading my art loadout. I have been using a Microsoft Surface to draw everything, but I’ve recently been having issues with keyboard attachment that make the more fine tuned process of making the comic a lot more frustrating. So, I decided to get an iPad and work with that. I’ve worked with one before – read chapter 1 starting with page 3 or so, most obviously the page with Gwen going down to her basement room – so I’m familiar with the territory. I feel like getting the iPad will help me concentrate on art since it’s not as cumbersome as carrying around a moderately sized laptop with a long charging cable. I’ll still use the surface, though mostly as a vessel for making the panels and lettering.

The final thing that I wanted to mention is that once I’m fully recovered from my various medical issues, I will be looking to fully record the music that I have prepared for the comic. Perhaps I will release it on youtube in comic dub form, but I am still a little on the fence about how I should do this. Let’s have an example: the Taco Song. I can record guitar, bass (or lack thereof), and cajon easily, but there’s one issue: I am not a girl. I can’t sing in Whitney’s voice. I can either skirt around this issue by not singing and leaving it as an instrumental track, replacing Whitney’s voice with a pan flute or clarinet track, or I can hire someone. The last option is probably the  est option for the sanity of the comic, but that comes with it’s own baggage, namely if I hire different women to sing Whitney’s lines, then there is no consistency. The next answer is to hire one person to work with me. That comes into another issue, mostly that at the moment, I cannot possibly pay someone at the moment to work for me. Until I have auxiliary income, I guess instrumental tracks or vocaloid (god help me) will have to be a substitute. 

Thank you for sticking around until the end of this blogpost, sorry if it seems like I’ll have to be lowkey for the next month. I’ll still be posting fanart on my twitter and little bonus drawings on the Engirls Instagram, so why don’t you all check that out?