So, you’d like to start reading The Engirls? Awesome! Where do you start?

Currently, there are three completed chapters in the story, including Chapter None, the “prequel”.

  • Chapter None: A non-canon story that I mostly used as an excuse to get myself to start actually working on the comic. Visual/storytelling quality is unrefined, the only standout being my friend Salina’s coloring style. (Check out her twitter and instagram!) Sets up the basic premises of the characters.
  • Chapter 1: The first canon chapter of the story, still incredibly rough around the edges. After being at school for a few weeks, Whitney, Gwen, and Fiona need to come up with a snappy name for their school-assigned band. Colors mostly done by Salina.
  • Chapter 2: After Whitney and Fiona try to amend some problems, Gwen struggles to realize that because she’s in a band, she also has to perform. Will she get over her stage fright? Flat colors because everything for the most part is handled by me.
  • Chapter 3: Fiona’s in trouble… again, this time for mildly threatening Melodyamethyst, the drummer of EMMA. Gwen and Whitney are getting a little annoyed at this streak, but this shadow lurks in the midsts of their next assignment: agreeing on one song to cover for a tiny 3 song setlist. Can the girls all agree on a single song within a week’s time?