Woah hey guys, looks like it’s sketch sunday time! Skipped last week due to fatigue, but I’m back on track with some cool(?) sketches and a scrapped lineart to show. Nowadays, I’m posting links to instagram since it’s probably the easiest way to share them.


First up, we have the scrapped Gwen lineart from last comic. I wanted Gwen to have a happy reaction to something for once, so I drew this. Later on I realized that Whitney would be more in character having this reaction, so I drew over it. I kept the Gwen lining just for this.

Next, we have Gwen in a trash can, thrown in there by Maria, who is spraying her with a bottle of hand sanitizer. Inspired by a conversation/halfhearted RP where me and Gwen’s biggest fan (prove me wrong) somehow got on the subject of Gwen getting dumped in the trash by her sister. I mentioned her sister spraying her hand with hand sanitizer, but made it look like she was spraying it at Gwen in the trash.

Next up is Fiona and her Pa, who will be formally introduced in the next issue. I’m still waiting on his design to be finished so it’ll have to wait before you see his face.

Fourth we have the Engirls dressed up as the Harvey girls from the Netflix show Harvey Street Kids/Harvey Girls Forever (seriously what is this show called, asking for a friend). I mostly drew it since I saw the insane similarities between my characters and the characters in HSK/HGF, espeicially Lotta and Whitney. Unfortunately the pic I drew of both Lotta and Whitney isn’t here.

Instead, we have number 5! The Engirls when they were ~10-11. I drew this mainly as a speculative idea and to practice the difference between UK and US school uniforms. Most primary schools in the UK so far as I know wear uniforms and they are a little more sophisticated than American uniforms, which are mostly just a polo and a knee-length skirt with maybe a suit if you’re on the east coast or sweater on the west coast. I’m no expert in uniforms, my only sources are Derry Girls and Hilda.

Anyway, you can follow the Engirls over on the NEW instagram at https://www.instagram.com/theengirls/ or @theengirls. Catch you next time!