Hey everyone! It’s sketch sunday! I have some sketches from earlier this summer since I wasn’t able to sketch during this busy week. Anyway, here they are.

Apparently the giants are winning?

Not much to say here besides Gwen – being adopted into Bouginess – is a giants fan. Yes, she can afford those tickets for garlic fries at whatever-tech-company-is-buying-out-San-Francisco Park


No, Fiona is not a fan of Dropkick Murphys. Little known fact: Fiona is actually a naturally born American citizen. She was born in Boston at some point in the early 90s that I am vague about for no reason. Thus, even though she almost immediately moved to Scotland with her Pa, she has dual citizenship.

Legally Engirls

I got this done around a few weeks ago when I was bored at my minor job as an assistant. I had tons of legal paper around me and a vacant drawing hand, so I just idly sketched out Whitney. Amazed at my apparent getting Whitney’s proportions right on a pen, I decided to move onto Gwen, to varying degrees of effect. Next up was Fiona, who I feel like might have been a bit too short. Welp.

Woah, Fanart?

If you guys haven’t seen Twelve Forever yet, I’d say go check it out! At times it could be a bit too childish for me, but Reggie’s social struggles really hit home with me. Also, Esther and Todd remind me of some of my friends and it’s really funny to see their antics (woah, a word that’s shorter and much easier to understand than shenanigans! Maybe I should rebrand…) in both the colorful world of Endless and the Iowa-esque land of Bethune, Iowa. As for why I drew Reggie in a dress, let’s just say her mom might have been involved a little bit.

And for the last gallery image, it’s Fiona and Gwen in Swimsuits! Fiona here rocking the twin buns and swimsuit skirt, which is unfortunate because she can’t see the little kid trapped in the sand in front of her. Gwen over here rocking the 50’s era hand me down probably and the wish that she could wear something that wasn’t going to give her a farmer’s tan (or farmer’s burn if you’d prefer).

That’s all I got for you this week. The page is going strong and is scheduled to come out tomorrow still. See you then!