Usually I leave the original description in this box, but because I had screwed up the page order, you get to see a brand new one!

Hello, this is 2019 Grant here to tell you that Continuity is meaningless, artists are lazy, and deadlines are mere suggestions. I also wanted to explain some of the inconsistencies with the pages here. At this point in 2017, I had gotten a new job at an IT company so I was doing computer work I wasn’t familiar with and I lost track of time. However, I also was given a Microsoft Surface and bought Clip Studio Paint, so I transferred all my work from Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai to there. I still use the Surface to this day, though I also had a brief stint with an iPad that I took with me everywhere I went when I was out travelling. I hope this clears up some of the issues you may see currently or soon.

Art by Grant Garnsey
Colors by Salina Lazarus

Originally Published October 20, 2019