Another double page post. The original description will be in the next post.

In the meantime, welcome to the Davies Family! I’m just going to name them off, one by one.
Joseph Davies, Esquire, the chief breadwinner of the house, a financial lawyer who sometimes take lesser cases. A devout catholic who believes in justice and cares about his family in the most indirect way possible.
Mildred Davies (nee Pulaski), a talented ballerina who retired early in the 80’s to take care of her child. Also a devout catholic, who’s descended from a defected Polish KGB agent.
Caleb Pulaski, Mildred’s bastard first child
Maria Theresa Davies, Joseph and Mildred’s first born daughter, and the definition of a spoiled brat. Owns a very unfortunate cat named “First Corinthians”, who prefers….
Gwendolyn Floyd Davies, the one, the only stage frightened Bassist of the band called *SPOILERS*. Was adopted from Wales during the late 90’s as a part of the Davies’s realizing that they were old and wanted to have another child.
Josephine Davies, the special miracle child, ballet prodigy, and crown jewel of the Davies Dynasty of San Tiburon.

Someday I’ll make a more organized character sheet

Art by Grant Garnsey
Colors by Salina Lazarus

Originally Posted December 29, 2017