Hey everyone! I wanted to try something new. Now, besides the normal weekly page that you all see every thursday, I do a lot of sketching on the side. A lot of it is conceptual, like planning outfits for the Engirls or other characters to draw, I also feel like posting them, yet I feel like they’d belong in the scrap pile of DeviantArt if anything.

So, I decided to start Sketch Sunday – where I post the little things I draw on the side. Now, this can be anything from my own fanart to some cool sketches of the Engirls to some of my old, old, old, old drawings. That simply depends on what is available at the time and if I drew something new I feel like sharing. Anyway, here’s the first entry:

The Engirls at an A’s game

When it comes to sports, I’m more likely to ignore anything and everything. However, I have a special place in my heart for baseball. I used to play in little league back in the day and loved just watching games. I was never any good at it, but I managed to really get into it as I grew up. Then, my home team, the San Francisco Giants, won a World Series in 2010 – the same year the Engirls was first thought up. I rejoiced and shoved it in the face of my cubs fan friend and proceeded to celebrate it by buying a Minnesota Twins and Kansas City Royals hat. Yeah. I’m lame.

Anyway, that Twins hat really stuck with me, because a lot of Whitney’s backstory was about her coming from Minnesota. It also helped that I was first getting into the Replacements and the movie Fargo, so Minnesota seemed like this mystical midwestern wonderland. Even to this day I have a special place in my heart that I will so dearly appropriate when the time comes for Whitney’s backstory to happen.

Anyway, enough backstory. I drew other pictures of the Engirls in Baseball regalia, so maybe I can post that at a later date.

A badly drawn background picture of the Engirls on a hike

This summer I rekindled my love of hiking – by going on two hikes. Now, I’m not at that point in the comic yet, but eventually, the Engirls are going to have some outdoor adventures. Expect a lot of sunburns, dehydration, and panic amongst the crowd as they scale mountains and traverse marshes. It’s the Bay Area after all, they might just get a breeze or something.

I mostly wanted to draw this to have Whitney suffering there in the background. I don’t particularly enjoy it when she does, it’s just extremely relatable.

And finally…

Now this is something I’d like to do more often: the Engirls just doing stuff while I practice new poses. I drew these at work on my tiny sketchbook, so I could carry it around my bag with ease.

The first is Gwen taking a selfie. The reason: why not? It might also be a super common angle for me in the future.

The second: Whitney eating a burrito. The Taco queen herself is very much a fan of mexican food in general. When she is especially hungry, though, she loves the hulking burritos her local taqueria sells. Stuffed with onions and salsa verde, they’re guaranteed to make your mouth burn, but Whitney loves how stuffed to the brim with carnitas and rice they are. Based on a true story.

The third: Fiona in a highland great kilt and a claymore. Everyone knows Braveheart was a terrible movie that bore no resemblance to history (especially since William Wallace wasn’t the braveheart, that was Robert the Bruce) but the Kilt was probably one of the first clothes I loved. Everything, from the tartan pattern, to the odd plural, to even the accessories like the sporran and hose just seemed nice. Fiona is my excuse to experiment with their wear.

Anyway, that’s enough of waxing lyrical about the Kilt, I’d like to thank you all for reading what is going to hopefully be a weekly blogpost. May this blog section reign with terror over my actual comic!